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Past, meet Future.

'Blending cutting-edge innovation with traditional craftsmanship'

There is a deep passion among classic car owners to maintain originality - yet with the need for modern driveability & reliability to keep them on the road

 Classic Speed®

CAI's patented signature product. Designed for the purist, it allows you to use your original mechanical speedometer, while being driven by GPS technology for accurate speed reading. 

Standalone - Easy to install -  Adjustable - Future-proof
Vehicle modifications don't matter!
Classic Speed GPS Mechanical Speedometer

U.S. Patent No. 9,802,487

$275.00 plus shipping

Classic Speed®  

Drives a mechanical speedometer accurately using GPS technology




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Hot Products Showcase:

Spring Carlisle event

Runner-Up Best New Product

2-page feature article in Classic Motorsports Magazine: May 2017

Spotlighted in 'THE PITCH' - Portland Business Journal

August 5, 2016

Classic Speed

patent pending


Classic Speed is our newest product. Designed for the purist, it allows you to use your original mechanical speedometer, while being driven by GPS technology for accurate speed reading. 


  • Helps prevent unnecessary and expensive speeding tickets

  • Accurate speed and odometer reading regardless of tire size and gearing

  • Helps to preserve the value of your car

  • Make any modification you want to your car - your speedometer is connected directly to Classic Speed, so it doesn't matter what you do to your car!

Standalone - Easy to install - Adjustable - Future-proof


“Since I purchased my 1974 Triumph TR6 2.5 years ago, there has been a consistent error in the speedometer of between 8 and 12 mph LESS than the actual speed as verified by a mobile GPS. In my case, the error was due to the combination of a 1974 non-overdrive car into which a previous owner installed a 1972 non-overdrive engine and mated it to 1973 overdrive gearbox. Classic Speed was the perfect solution. It was easy to install and dead-on accurate. Once installed, your speedometer works just like it should and is likely more accurate than it was right out of the factory. Classic Speed will do the trick on any car with any mechanically driven speedometer, and since it’s independent of your car, any modifications you’ve made (or will make) don’t matter to it!"

Josh W.

New Bern, NC

"...Then we heard about Classic Speed, a patent-pending, GPS-based conversion kit from Classic Automotive Innovations that simply connects via cable to the original speedometer. We assumed it was too good to be true. Still, we had to try one...The kit arrived promptly, the directors were clear and simple, and the customer service from company owners Brian and Pam Induni has been over the top...How much do we love this new product? We've already ordered another unit for our Edsel Wagon..."

Tim S.

Publisher of Classic Motorsports

“I have a Toyota 5 speed conversion kit and larger tires on my 1959 Austin Healey 100-6, and it would be a hassle to recalibrate my speedo. Classic Speed allows me to use my original speedo, whereas any other solutions I have researched require me to change out my speedo with a digital unit. I installed the new unit right next to my coil and distributor to see if there would be any electrical interference problems. I connected Classic Speed up to my speedo, calibrated it with their handy dongle, and took off for a test drive. Using a GPS app on a smart phone to check my MPH against the readout, the needle holds steady and true. I’m looking forward to having a working speedometer once again!"

Ira E.

Portland, OR

“I am one of the lucky BETA testers for Classic Speed. So far during my recent testing? WOW! ... All I can say (in short) so far is, you guys (and gals) are gonna LOVE THIS device!! And since Brian and Pam are "one of us", having this developed by true enthusiasts makes it even better!" 

Lou A.

Springfield, OR

 "I am always glad to praise on fine product. A complete writeup of the installation in my 1969 Jaguar E-type can be reviewed at"

Bill U.

Georgetown, SC

"My Classic Speed unit was the first one sold outside the US. What a fantastic couple Pam & Brian are to deal with. I have had many questions all answered in double quick time. They had to make changes to the website so I could order from over here. All done within 24 hours. All installed very easily. All working. Only 3 wires to connect, 1 speedo cable to connect & bob's your uncle. I cannot praise Classic Speed from Classic Automotive Innovations enough. I strongly recommend anyone who is considering this upgrade to do it. Having researched all of the options this wins hands down." 

Simon W.


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