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Classic Connect™


In the not-to-distant future all automobile manufacturers will be required to integrate V2V and V2I technology into every vehicle built. Shortly afterwards, the effort to retrofit other existing vehicles will ramp up, creating an industry around the ‘connected car’.

However, retrofitting a 1929 Packard, a 1963 MGB, or a 1975 Camaro for example, is completely different from retrofitting a 2004 Audi.


The differences are:

  • Lack of any computer systems to pull information from

  • Lack of clean, regulated power from the vehicle to the device(s)

  • A completely different mindset of the vehicle owner having concern over

    • where the device(s) is located in the car

    • how the external components are hidden/visible

    • how the human interface is presented

    • what information is broadcast

It is the intent of Classic Automotive Innovations (CAI) to:

  • Represent the classic car market / owner in the regulation process

  • Provide design direction to aftermarket device manufacturers

  • Provide the classic car owner with V2V hardware options

  • Provide the classic car owner with the mobile device applications to communicate with the V2V device(s) in their car, as a means to interface with them

  • Provide best practices to the classic car market on how to restore with V2V in mind












Over the coming months, we will be publishing a series of blogs and whitepapers on this subject. Please check back often for additional information and/or subscribe to our newsletter for ongoing updates.



Classic Connect, NAIAS, AutoMobili-D press release

Read the full press release here

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