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Will Classic Speed work with your vehicle?
See PRODUCT INFO for details

The Model EB is perfect for enthusiasts that want to install their Classic Speed units in the Engine Bay. This model is available in either Miles per Hour (MPH) or Kilometers per Hour (KPH). It features an enclosure with integrated flanged ends for mounting. Please note that the unit is not waterproof, but it does have some water resistance capability - you would want to think of it like/ treat it like the distributor or fuse block when it comes to getting it wet. 


You have two options when it comes to cables: 

1. Use your cable. If you use your cable, we will need to know the transmission end size.


2. Buy a new cable from us. If you buy a new cable from us, we will need to know the speedometer end size and the length you need (from back of speedometer to installation location). If you're unsure, let us know the speedometer manufacturer and we'll help you figure out the end.

Classic Speed - Model EB

    • All prices are in US Dollars.

    • Shipping cost is per unit. Please contact us for info on shipping charges for more than one unit.

    • Int'l customers are responsible for all custom's fees and taxes.

    • Estimated shipping is 10-21 days from date of order.

    • Your vehicle must have a good working mechanical speedometer and cable for Classic Speed to be effective.

    • Classic Speed unit is water resistant but NOT waterproof.

    • For 12v NEGATIVE GROUND vehicles only at this time.

    • Since each vehicle will have specific nuanances, and since speedometers and cables wear differently over time, Classic Automotive Innovations is not liable for any speeding tickets or other ramifications that could occur due to inaccurate speed readings. See Terms & Conditions. It is important to calibrate correctly and test against known speed markers to confirm accuracy of your particular speedometer.

    • See Spec Sheet and Installation Guide on website product page for additional details.

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