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 (U.S. Patent No. 9,802,487)

Our signature product! 

One of the challenges that many classic cars have is that of a mis-reading speedometer. This is caused by a variety of issues such as incorrectly sized tires and transmission/rear axle gearing. Classic Speed™ will drive your original mechanical speedometer via a GPS signal to provide a correct speed reading. 


It's standalone, easy to install, adjustable - and is the first of it's kind on the market. No other company has been able to 'crack the nut' of using GPS technology to drive your original mechanical speedometer until now. A purist's delight!





If you're interested in purchasing a classic British car, get a non-biased opinion on the vehicle from an experienced person. There are MANY hidden and little known issues with project cars - even those cars that LOOK nice! Don't have buyer's remorse - call us today to talk details and schedule a time (and travel arrangements) for a pre-purchase inspection. 


If you think cooking chicken on a rotisserie is easy and fun, wait until you use the ROTO-CART to easily access all angles of your car. And when you're not rotating the car (which certainly beats laying on the floor under it!) ROTO-CART becomes an amazing stand.


Whether you have an Austin Healey Sprite or a '57 Chevy - ROTO-CART will adjust to your car. It's built of steel tubing  and easily movable (yes, there are wheels too!) We think this will become one of your favorite restoration 'tools'. 





Our experience restoring classic cars covers ALL aspects of the project. Yes - everything - from rebuilding a Triumph Stag engine to all elements of Painting!  Our founder and CEO Brian, has often brought home restoration projects in bins - the result of a well intended restoration long forgotten about. From these bins, he's made award winning cars out the puzzle.

Our preference is to use as much of the original parts in a restoration as possible, which keeps the value of the car up and the cost of the restoration down. 



Wish you could do more on your own classic? Let us teach you! We're eager to pass on our wealth of knowledge, especially to the younger generation, in hopes of keeping the future of classic cars alive.


Brian and his son Matt (a Stanford Mechanical Engineering graduate) developed an introductory Classic Car restoration course that they have taught at a local community college. In this introductory course, students will learn what tools, space and resources they will need to carry out the restoration of a classic car. We cover topics such as: choosing and finding the right car, how to begin, what to tackle yourself and what to outsource, where to find help, where to find parts, bringing your car home, and documenting your restoration plan. Things you need to know BEFORE you begin.

Syllabus: Overview - Classic Car Restoration

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