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The Roto-Cart was born from the need to have a mobile supportive structure to allow for BOTH repairing and replacing large areas without fear of body distortion AND as a way to support the body in various degrees of rotation for ease of restoration work.


Problem statement:

A rotisserie supports the body from each end, which is not an issue unless the body has been compromised by rust or damage and needs to have large sections repaired or replaced - an issue that is amplified with unibody or monocoque construction. Therefore, major rust or damage must be repaired before the body can be mounted on a rotisserie, and the body must be rigidly supported during this replacement process to ensure dimensional integrity. Thus the need for two devices each with its own purpose – a rotisserie and a strong body cart. The need for two devices introduces yet another issue, that of space.



By combining the two devices, the Roto-Cart saves the need for two separate devices and dramatically reduces overall purchase cost and storage space. 



The Roto-Cart features a unique mechanism for adjusting the center of gravity of the body, while mounted to the rotisserie, to provide a smooth and safe 360 degree rotation. Each end of the rotisserie has locking pins to prevent unwanted rotation of the body and locking wheels to prevent unwanted movement. Standard 8” wheels provide easy mobility, both loaded and unloaded. The cart has four adjustable mounts that the body can be bolted to in order to provide a secure, solid platform to mount a 

compromised body for major repairs.



The cart provides a substitute frame structure for the body so major repairs can be made while ensuring dimensional integrity. Once the repairs are complete, the body is lifted up, the ends of the cart are moved outside the ends of the body, rotisserie posts are mounted to the cart, and the body is mounted to the rotisserie. Once mounted, the body’s center of gravity is finely adjusted to provide a smooth 360 degree rotation. To prevent any unwanted movement, locking pins can be engaged on both rotisserie posts, and all wheels can be locked.


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