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'Wire Wheels Wife - Confessions from outside the garage' is a series of blog posts by Pam Induni meant to entertain and inspire those in the classic car community. My fir st confession - I went from tolerating this passion of my hubby's to being the co-founder of a high-tech, classic car business. Along the way, I saw how much influence it had on my children's learning and ultimately landing spots in top colleges. I saw how my husband and I became strong partners in a company and in our 'second careers' became learning machines. And I continue to see just how large, and awesome, this global classic car community really is. But it wasn't always that way... as you'll soon learn from these posts!

Guys - pass this along to your spouse. I wouldn't be surprised if she feels like she's found a kindred spirit as she reads, and laughs, at the stories. Let me toss out these two words as a barometer of if she'll find this blog entertaining - 'Mecum Auction'. Did that make you smile? If yes, she'll probably want to read this blog!

Girls - one of my goals is to get more young women (and older ones, too!) involved in this amazing industry. It took me a long time to get to where I am today. I used to relish the time Brian spent in the garage on Thursday evenings, because it allowed me to watch Grey's Anatomy without being bothered! (Gosh, I wish that were just a joke, but alas, it's really true!) Then I started 'drinking the kool-aid' as the expression goes, and discovered there was some pretty cool stuff that happened in that garage and I wanted to be a part of it. Join me and let's go from being passengers to drivers, from simply picking colors to painting them, and from getting torqued about a purchase to knowing what torque is!

Here are examples of some of the posts from 'Wire Wheels Wife: Confessions from outside the garage' that you can look forward to in the coming weeks and months...

  • "I clearly didn’t understand the word ‘project.’"

  • “He thinks it’s beautiful. You know it’s ugly. This could go one of two ways...”

  • “I thought you were going to paint the car white? Is it sick? It looks a little….mint greenish?”

  • “How revving the engine of the Sprite led our son to the Revs program at Stanford.”

  • “Seriously? You have the auction channel on again?”

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