I clearly didn't understand the word 'Project' Classic Car

He brought me to a classic car show on one of our very first dates. Trying to make a good impression on each other, I got away with calling the cars ‘cute’, and he got away with taking me to a classic car show on one of our first dates.

I’d like to say that the moment I walked into the show I fell in love with these classics. I would be lying. Although, I did fall in love with him. And so I weathered this passion of his that I didn’t quite understand.

I often dreaded having to travel on business; it seemed I would return home each time to find another basket-case in the garage. I remember this maniac bounding down the stairs one Saturday morning, shouting out as he ran out the door “Someone’s about to send a perfectly good engine to the crusher. I have to go rescue it!” I thought to myself, 'That’s nice, dear.'

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Brian and I married and had two sons, and our garage remained void of a project for many years. He reminded us frequently that he had brought home his first barn find at the age of 9, and had great restoration skills. I would smile and say “I’m sure you do!” And being a good wife, I went to shows, tried to learn the lingo, and continued to call the cars ‘cute.’

And then it happened… our youngest son turned 9. Brian convinced me that it was time to bring home a project so 'he could spend quality time with the boys, and pass down his knowledge.’ When the trailer pulled up with a rusty frame and plastic bins filled with parts, I thought he was out of his mind. He beamed with excitement and told us it was a Triumph TR4A. I had pictured him bringing home a little red convertible. I clearly didn’t understand the word ‘project.’

When our sons asked “Where’s the instruction manual for restoring this?” I was like “Yeah, where is that?”

“Trust me.” he said.

It’s funny how quickly three years go by. All of a sudden there would be an engine starting…and then a frame in primer grey…and then British Racing Green paint all over the garage floor. The car was coming to life. And then it won first place in its class at the All British Field Meet in Portland.

Wire Wheels’ Wife started to think that this hobby of her hubby’s wasn’t that bad after all! Until unbeknownst to me, he sold our cute little convertible and brought home the ugliest classic that I had ever seen…

…to be continued

Up next in the series 'He thinks it’s beautiful. You know it’s ugly. This could go one of two ways...'

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